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Kal Gajoum is a Canadian contemporary artist, born in Tripoli, Lybia in 1968. He wields to perfection the palette knife and color-rich oil paint to create eclectic, captivating cityscapes.

His interest in art sparked at a very young age: a family friend who was an artist introduced him to oil painting at the age of 10. He was then determined to make his mark on the world as an artist.
Kal moved to Paris in 1986 for a few years to study art before eventually moving to Malta.

“I was drawn to Paris and it’s alluring architecture. I was really attracted to the lifestyle and the culture. I really love how valued art and cultural heritage are. Paris is for me the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. I however established myself in Malta as it was closer to home”

For the next few years, he made a living restoring classic oil paint pieces at the Royal Fine Art gallery while selling his aquarelles pieces as well. While experimenting with the palette knife technique would soon develop a taste for the techniques for the Dutch and Italian masters, such a Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Caravaggio just to cite a few.

Kal has since established himself in Canada in 2003 where he still actively creates and pushes the boundaries of his technique. “ I use a wet-on-wet technique at the moment but I am still learning, and experimenting with new colors, My strokes could always evolve.”
Kal is now represented by Gallery Rouge in the United Kingdom, Galerie Beauchamp in Québec and Toronto, and Plaza Galleries in British Colombia.